Adult Foster Care

Adult Foster Care

Many seniors remain vibrant into their nineties. Others experience a decline in health. It can also be a time of losses: eye sight, hearing, and memory. Loss of independence can also be difficult to cope with when your loved one is no longer allowed to drive.

After a certain point, you lose sleep worrying over a loved one living alone. You see him or her failing. She’s easily frustrated. He’s not eating properly. She refuses to leave the house. He doesn’t want help.

You want a loved one’s life to be easier, but it’s hard to intervene without making him or her feel like you’re taking over. You think adult foster care could be an option, but you’re not sure where to begin.

Honoring Our Elders

You’re not alone! Robin’s Nest exists to care for your elders who need compassionate support to lead a happy and healthy life. Come talk with us. Families are unique, but many of life’s challenges are the same. We can help you find the right option for your loved one.

Adult foster care provides a support system for the whole family. Family members are encouraged to visit frequently. Our staff doesn’t replace family relationships and assistance; we complement what you do.

Dignity & Respect

We’ll always treat your loved one with dignity and respect. We assist with those tasks that are necessary for his or her well-being:

  • Personal care: bathing, dressing, oral hygiene
  • Medication: the right dose at the right time
  • Meals: well-balanced diets; special diets

Plan a visit to Robin’s Nest to set your mind at ease. We’ll show you around and answer your questions and concerns. We’ll explain how adult foster care can assist your loved one with daily living tasks so you’re free to simply love your loved one.

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Want More Information?

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